Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carrying to term

If your unborn baby has been diagnosed with anencephaly and you are in the process of deciding whether or not to carry your baby to term, you have come to the right place (and I have no doubt that God has led you here). Neither road is easy when you are told that your baby is not going to live, but (trust me...) carrying to term is the only one road worth taking. You have nothing to lose by seeing your baby's life through, and believe me, there is so much to gain that you can't even imagine at this point. You will never regret carrying your baby to term, no matter how much time you are blessed with. Even if it is only for a minute (or less than that), it will be worth it. The time you spend with your baby will prove to be priceless --time that you wouldn't trade for anything.

For support on carrying to term, please follow this link to the "anencephaly blessings from above" online support group: