Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Untitled poem

Six months and fourteen days ago, you left your mommy's womb.
Though you were 13 days past-due, mommy felt it was too soon!
But mommy had no choice, so she prayed that you would stay.
God gave mommy faith and hope and drove her fears away.
The doctors said there was no hope and nothing they could do.
All I wanted was just one day that I could spend with you.
On the nineteenth day of February, you cried your first cry.
You smiled your first smile... you sighed your first sigh.
You were the cutest, sweetest baby that anyone had seen
And your mommy was the happiest that she had ever been!
They said it was impossible for you to live and thrive --
For weeks and weeks they wondered how you were still alive.
With God all things are possible; mommy knew it all along.
Science boasted knowledge but God proved science wrong.
I know that you're in Heaven now. There is no better place.
Someday I'll be there with you, by God's amazing grace.