Friday, December 19, 2008

Lily Grace

One of the moms I've had the priveledge of meeting through the "anencephaly blessings from above" support group is Jessica Frederick. Her precious Lily Grace was born one week ago today and miraculously spent 5 and a half days with her mommy, daddy, and two big brothers before going to Heaven. Lily amazed everyone, including the doctors and nurses.

"She could see (how much I don't know, as all babies see fuzzy) and she could definitely hear. Her responses also seemed to be more than reflexes. And, she knew me. She was never more relaxed than when she was in my arms (with anyone else she seemed to whimper and squirm). And I loved and cherished every moment as God gave me the priveledge to hold her. "
- Jessica

If you would like to view Jessica's blog and see pictures of Lily and her family, you can visit

Please keep Jessica and her family in prayer during this difficult time.