Friday, April 24, 2009

9 weeks & 1 day old

It's a beautiful day outside! Well maybe a bit chilly, but nice and sunny. It's suppose to warm up a lot this weekend and I'm excited to try out our new stroller :) Me and Grammy did Faith's bandage change again this morning and it went well. My friend Jennifer might come over later to snap some pictures with her good camera. My camera is not the highest quality, as you can tell ;) Okay so who wants a good laugh? With all the criticism I've gotten about doing too much for Faith, someone actually threatened to call social services on me for not doing enough! The reason was because she saw a little video clip of Faith wheezing and thought I was neglecting to treat her. Seriously??? She's on three kinds of medication for her breathing. Speaking of Faith's breathing, it's time for her a mask now. Thanks for checking in.