Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12 weeks old!!! :)

Faith is 12 weeks old today. In 5 days she'll be 3 months old! :) My little girl is doing so well... she's been full of energy these past couple days and I started puting her to the breast again. I don't have much of a milk supply right now, but we are doing some practice nursing and she's been doing quite well! She's getting stronger everyday. Faith truly is a miracle and it's amazing how many miracles we've been blessed with in these past 12 weeks. She's bounced back so many times, and all thanks to God and those of you who have lifted up your prayers in Jesus' name. Just think... Faith was given a 0% chance of survival. Not even a 1% chance of survival --zero. They say her condition is "incompatible with life." I was told she would only live a few minutes or hours... a couple of days at best. But just look at her --almost 3 months old and still going strong. I can only thank God for that. Never forget, with God ALL things are possible.