Tuesday, February 10, 2009

40 weeks, 4 days

Ok, so the full moon didn't have as strong of an effect as I thought it would. Faith was a little more rambunctious than usual but that's about it. My water stayed intact and no contractions yet. Last night a woman named Shannon offered to buy me a UC Baby "heartbeat bear." Apparently they record your baby's heartbeat and stick it in a teddy bear, and when you squeeze the teddy it plays back the heartbeat. I thought it would be an awesome keepsake so I accepted her offer. We have an appointment for 11:30 tomorrow to have one made. So hopefully I won't go into labour before then. I get really nervous driving on bumpy, icy roads so I hope the drive goes smoothly. Not sure what I'll be doing today... It's a little after noon and I feel like going back to bed.