Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 1 week birthday, Faith!

Happy 1 week birthday to my sweet baby girl! We had a good day today. For her "birthday" Faith got some brand new sleepers and a Winnie the Poo movie that we're watching right now (I forgot how much I loved Winnie the Poo... it's too cute). Faith is doing well but has a bit of jaundice, so I am trying to push as much breastmilk through her as I can and sitting with her by the window when it's sunny out. I don't think she is getting enough milk to flush out her system and the window light is just not enough, so Grampy went out and bought a UV lamp tonight so that we can do some phototherapy at home. I hope that we see an improvement in her colour soon. Right now she looks less yellow than usual but her levels are always going up and down and I just hope she starts to pink up. Well, I am going to go snuggle my little girl... thanks for checking in on us :)