Saturday, January 24, 2009

38 weeks already

It's hard to believe that our due date is just two weeks away. These last weeks of pregnancy seem to go by so quickly. A week feels more like two days at this point. My ob-gyn doesn't think I'll go into labour on my own, though. She is expecting that I'll go overdue and need to be induced sometime after 42 weeks. She's actually away on vacation the week that Faith is due! It's very possible that I could go into labour when she is away, or I could go any day now. It wouldn't be the first time a baby was born two weeks early!

I am supposed to meet with my nurse practitioner at some point this weekend for coffee and a little one-on-one prenatal lesson. She's worried that I might not recognize when I'm in labour or that I'll be scared going into Labour and Delivery if I don't know what to expect. This is my first baby and I haven't gone to any prenatal classes at the hospital, so I really don't know what to expect.

Well I'm definitely not 100% prepared but I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered. I like not knowing the exact time when I'll go into the hospital. It could be today, tomorrow, next week, or next month... but I would probably be a wreck if I knew the exact day. I am happy that those things aren't in my control. I have mixed feelings about the birth, but I am mostly excited because no matter what happens, it's Faith's birthday and I will finally get to meet her face-to-face and hold her in my arms.