Friday, January 30, 2009

Profile #2

Faith making a fist... she was opening and closing her hand. It was really amazing to watch.

Cutie pie face

Faithy scored 8/10 today. The two points she missed was because her heart didn't fluctuate 15 bpm above the resting heartbeat within a certain amount of time. But it happens... especially if they are asleep.

My fluid levels were a 27 today, which is above the normal range of 5-20. So I have a excess of amniotic fluid. It was normal last week but I guess lately I have developed gestational diabetes. But they contacted the doctor who was on call and she wasn't concerned. She said it might make me a little more uncomfortable but it's not dangerous. The nurse told me I should cover my bed with something, cause if my water breaks while I'm in bed all that fluid would probably ruin the mattress.

She could come any day now and I feel so unprepared. I really hope the little girl waits until her due date at least, but you never know!