Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our prayer shower

Yesterday we had our prayer shower at Jennifer's mom's house. It was the first prayer shower for all of us so I'm sure no one knew quite what to expect, but it went surprisingly well. I was really thankful for all the preparation that went into putting the shower together, including everyone who brought food. The cake was really beautiful. It was a pound cake with "We walk by Faith, not by sight" written in icing letters. Thanks for putting all this together, Jennifer!

I was hoping I wouldn't cry in front of everyone but tears were inevitable, especially during prayer time and when Jennifer read her poem, "Dear Baby." But when the tissue box got passed around the room, I realized that we were all crying together and it was ok.

Here is the poem Jennifer wrote from the perspective of her 10-month-old son, Alexander. Alexander was there when I had my first ultrasound on September 12th.

Dear baby Faith,

Hello, little baby. You don’t know me yet but I sure know you;
I have seen your little fingers and your little toes.
I wanted to tell you that I love you no matter where you are.
Mommy told me you might not be with us for very long but I needed to
Tell you that you are much loved.

I myself am not very big but am very excited to have a new friend really soon.
I may not be able to talk right now or really understand,
But mommy told it starts with folded hands.
She also told me about this man who lived a long time ago;
He used to heal sick people and loved everyone the same.

I hope one day I will meet you and touch your little hand;
I will protect you when things get bad.
No matter what happens or where you go,
You have a little friend who is waiting to say hello.

If I don’t get to meet you, mommy told me one day,
We will see each where there is no sadness or pain.
We will get to hold hands with that very
Special man.

Oh yeah –before for I forget, if you get to that
Place before I do, will you
Give my brother and sister a hug for me
And tell them I love them!

Love a very special friend,
Alexander James

I want to thank everyone for the letters to Faith and for the thoughtful gifts. And just for being there... because I know it's not easy coming to a baby shower in these circumstances but it really shows that you care. I know not everyone could come who would have liked to but many of you have been praying for us from a distance, and I really appreciate all your prayers.