Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change of plans

Until now I haven't had the option of a c-section delivery, which I have been asking about since October. I was told several times that I wouldn't get the option of an emergency c-section if my baby went into distress during labour, but I could never understand why they offered it to every other woman but me. It's pretty discriminatory, really. But finally my doctor decided that she would be willing to compromise and offer me an elective c-section instead. That way there is no rush to get the baby out and less risk to me.

The reason I wanted the option of a c-section (at least to have the choice) is because of the nature of Faith's anomaly, which affects the top of her head. Since she doesn't have scalp or bone covering her brain, I was worried that a vaginal birth would be too much for her. She might not be able to handle the force of the contractions and being pushed through the birth canal head-first. I know a vaginal delivery is the safest thing for me and I know it would be a more natural birth experience, but a c-section would give Faith the best chance of being born alive and would save her from the "hardships" of natural childbirth (which will hopefully improve her quality of life and increase her length of life). Make sense?

So the plan is, I will be scheduled to come in for a c-section sometime in mid February, and if I go into labour before then, I am supposed to admit myself to the hospital right away and the doctor on call will give me a c-section then. And if for some reason I change my mind and decide to go ahead with a natural birth, I'm sure no one would have a problem with that.

By the way, Jennifer thank you so much for helping me to clean my room today!!!!! It's not easy cleaning when you're 39 weeks pregnant ;)