Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our profile went well!

Yesterday we went into the hospital for a biophysical profile so they could check my fluid levels and see how Faith is positioned. I brought my camcorder just in case the nurse would allow me to videotape the session. She was wonderful! She not only allowed me to videotape but spent some extra time playing around with the ultrasound machine so that we could get a good look at Faith. She focused on her face, and it was so cute to see her little nose and lips and chin. She gave me a couple of 3D photos, one of the side of her face and the other of her two hands together. She also let me have a piece of print-out from the fetal heart monitor.

Oh... and you know how I thought Faith had the hiccups? The hiccups have been confirmed! She started hiccuping during the heart monitoring part of it and her hiccups threw the monitor off a little bit. It was a cute thing to hear, even though it frustrated the nurse. She also kept moving away from the heart monitoring device and the reading kept dissapearing. The nurse usually just hooks it on and leaves it there for 15 minutes, but she ended up having to stand there and reposition it every time Faith would move away. Then Faith started to kick and squirm around. I think between the hiccups and the nurse poking at her, she was starting to get annoyed! The nurse didn't have time to go over the report, but she did say, "The fluid levels are good and the baby looks good." She also told me that Faith is positioned head-down, which is good. So for once we had some good news :)