Wednesday, January 7, 2009

35 weeks, 5 days

I finally have an appointment! The meeting with the obstetrician and neonatologist has been set for this Friday at the hospital where I'll be delivering Faith. I'm relieved that they finally set an appointment but nervous about how the meeting will go. They asked me to meet them on the Labour and Delivery floor, which is good because I can take a little tour of the place while I'm there. I probably haven't been on that floor since my little brother was born 18 years ago.

The muscles of my upper abdomen seem to be stretching and tearing as Faith begins to drop, which has been giving me pain. It feels all hot and stingy. Between that and my back, I've been spending a lot of time laying down to ease the pain. Laying down and letting out deep breaths seems to work much better than Tylenol. I hate complaining about physical pain, but it hurts too.

One of the things I've been doing with my time is listening to an audio Bible with Faith (one headphone on my belly, the other next to my ear). Since Sunday we've gone from Genesis 1 to Exodus 21. To anyone who thinks the Bible is boring, wow--are you sure we're talking about the same book? It's like God Himself telling you the greatest story ever told, and you are apart of it. It doesn't get any better than that! Until now I've only read the Bible in fragments, but it's like the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and I'm starting to see the big picture.

I've also been spending some time reading emails and messages from people I've never met who tell me they are praying for me and Faith. I am really blown away... God bless you all! Your kind words encourage me and your prayers lift me up.