Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spying is creepy...

I just wanted to say that I have been very careful not to name any names when talking about my experiences with the hospitals or health care providers. I have been brutally honest about the experiences I have gone through with this pregnancy, but I have never slandered anyone's name or said anything that crossed the line. This is an online diary that I started so that I could share our story and keep friends and family posted on how my pregnancy is going. I would like to keep it open to the public so that I can reach people who might be going through the same thing. But when I hear about people snooping around my blog to see if I wrote anything "bad" about them (or their clients)... it kind of creeps me out. I mean this is my personal diary you're reading. If you're just coming to this site to spy on me, please find something better to do.

To all of you who view this blog for normal reasons... you can ignore that! :)