Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 days old

Well, we're into the double digits now :) My sweetie pie turned 10 days old today. It looks like that umbilical cord could fall off any day now. Her dressing change went much better today, although it still tuckered her out... she usually doesn't eat (or do anything but sleep) for several hours after her dressing change, so she only had two feedings today. Her last meal was around noon and here we are at 10pm and she still won't eat... she's just too sleepy. Yesterday her dressing change was very stressful for both of us and she didnt eat for about 12 hours afterwards. But I'm hoping she'll wake up with an appetite soon. Mommy's got lots of milk ready when she does. It always makes me happy and relieved when she finally comes around and has a big meal. Her colour is looking pretty good today. I think the UV light therapy may be helping. Well, that and lots of prayer of course. Okay, we're off to bed... hopefully my little girl won't sleep through the night again and will wake up to eat soon. Tomorrow Grammy is going back to work and I'll be on my own for the first time since Faith was born. I better get some rest. Thanks for checking in :)