Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 3-week birthday, Faith!!!

My little miracle turned 3 weeks old today! I was just thinking back to the day we brought Faith home from the hospital. They sent us home with a "do not resuscitate" letter, a memory box for someone who just lost a baby (pretty inappropriate if you ask me... it had condolences written everywhere... umm?), and some literature on bereavement... all of which I've wanted to burn since they were given to me. I thought the memory box was a horribly insensitive gesture, considering my baby was and is still alive, and the pamphlet on bereavement was totally impersonal and tacky... and also totally inappropriate! Here we were celebrating our victory trip home and they were giving us all this depressing crap (sorry, but it was!). But enough about that. Today is a beautiful but slightly blustery day (I think I've been watching too much Winnie the Poo because I have the blustery day song in my head). I was thinking about going outside again today, if the wind lets up. Right now Faith is sitting on Mommy's lap and having a little snooze. She's quite content as usual. I should probably lay down for a nap too. She'll be getting frisky for some milk soon! Thanks for checking in on her "birthday" :)