Monday, March 23, 2009

32 days old

Gammy feeding Faith

Time for another update... Faith is 32 days old today and she is looking great. Her colour hasn't been the best lately because of her breathing difficulties, but right now her lips and fingernails are a nice healthy pink. Her skin is still a bit pale, but her breathing has significantly improved. The good news is, there is no sign of infection and her lungs sound relatively clear. Apparently the wheezing and rubbing sound is due to inflammation. Because Faith has lost so much weight, her muscle tone has wasted and her lungs are working extra hard to breathe, which is causing inflammation. At least, that is what I understood. That is really good news because it means she could gradually build back her muscle tone as her nutritional status improves and she gains some weight. She is still getting the Ventolin every 3 hours and we're also giving her Prednisolone for her inflammation. Her medecine seems to be helping. Her breathing sounds much better and she is taking deeper breaths. Today Faith's Gammy stayed home to help out with her care. I was so exhausted this morning that my mom fed her and gave her her Ventolin mask before I even got up. It's been a busy week. Oh yeah... guess what? Yesterday, when her bandage was being changed, Faith opened up her big blue eyes and saw her Mama!!! :) That was a first. I usually don't even see her eyelids because her dressing covers them. I look forward to watching her dressing change now because that's when I get to see all of her face, her ears, her hair... she is such a cutie! Such beautiful features that only a few people have the priviledge of seeing. Anyway, I should really be with my baby right now and not on the computer! Just wanted to post an update for her "fans" hehe... Thanks for checking in!