Monday, March 30, 2009

39 days old

Okay, I know I haven't posted pretty much all week but Faith is doing fine... I just haven't had any time to spend typing on the computer. I've been busy taking care of my sneezy baby. We had a pretty good week last week. I guess the highlight would be Faith's CAT scan, which was done on Thursday (her 5-week birthday). There were some doubts about whether or not Faith was misdiagnosed because of how well she is doing and because she is not "supposed" to have any consciousness and yadda yadda yadda, so we had a scan done just to see what was inside her head. The technicians who performed the scan had no idea about Faith's condition beforehand and afterwards asked me, "Does she have a malformation? She is missing skull bones, right? Okay... we just wanted to make sure..." Caught them off-guard a little bit! On Friday we got the results. A neurosurgeon, neuro-radio-interventionologist (big word), and a radiologist looked at the photos and they all agreed that the diagnosis of anencephaly was correct. They have no explanation as to how she is functioning on a conscious level without a cerebrum, or how she is even alive. It's the kind of miracle that makes atheists scratch their heads... This weekend we had some beautiful weather and I was able to take Faithy outside for some fresh +15 degree air. She is still wheezy, but getting stronger everyday. She's taking a drug for her lung inflammation that suppresses the immune system, so I'm not having any visitors for a while... she has already caught a cold, as you can tell from her sneezing video. I'm starting to ween her of this drug, but she is pretty dependant on it right now. Anyway, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to be on the computer much, so I apologize if you've sent an email and haven't gotten a reply. I have a lot of unread emails in my inbox right now... If you do want to contact me about something and you want me to reply, it may be best to write "important" or "please reply" in the subject line, or I may not get to it. Anyway, it's time for faith to eat so I have to go. Thanks for checking in!