Monday, March 2, 2009

11 days old

My little girl turns 11 days old today. She has been sleeping all the time and I've been having a hard time getting her to eat. Sometimes she routes around for some milk but then falls back asleep and doesn't swallow what I syringe in her mouth. She hasn't actively fed in about 24 hours now and I'm starting to worry... I don't want to resort to a tube-feed but at this point I'm starting to think about it. Okay, I'll update you again later. If she doesn't eat in the next couple hours then I'm going to call our nurse practitioner and see what we can do. Thanks for checking in.

Later on...

Faith had about an ounce of milk around 1pm. Not much but it's better than nothing. I think between the jaundice and the dressing changes, she just doesn't have the energy. Oh well, I'm going to keep trying. Hopefully she'll eat before our nurse practitioner gets here. 

Faith did have a bit more milk before her dressing change, and it's 8:30 in the evening now. We just woke up from a nap (well, I woke up) and it's time to try feeding her again. Her dressing change went well today and her colour is looking pretty good right now. Hopefully she gets into a feeding frenzy soon! 

It's almost bedtime now and I'm happy and relieved that Faith has had another ounce and a half of milk this evening. She is looking beautiful tonight. Her cheeks are nice and rosey and she's being her smiley self. I'm going to put her under the UV light for a little while and then we're off to bed. Thanks for checking in :)