Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 2-week birthday, Faith!!!

Faith turned 2 weeks old today! :) I never thought I would get to say that. She has been getting some very nice presents from friends and family this week and I know I haven't been keeping up with my thank you's lately, but we really appreciate all the generosity! Faith has been doing so well. She is a very happy baby and loving life. I hope no one thinks that she is suffering in any way or that she is sickly. She is such a smiley little girl and as content as can be. She brings so much joy into my life and every day that she is here is a gift. I wouldn't have traded these last two weeks for a zillion dollars. Sure the first few days I was very emotional but now there is so much joy and laughter in the house. Faith is such a fun baby to have around. Well, you've seen the "big smiles" and "kisses" videos. That's what we are blessed with each day... so many wonderful moments. Faith's jaundice seems to have cleared up nicely and she is a nice healthy pink colour today. We're not going to stop her bili light treatment, though. I'm not really sure what the cause of her jaundice is but I know it could come back if I stop doing the light therapy. She usually sits under the light a few times a day while I'm expressing milk. She just has a little snooze and listens to music while Mamma sits beside her and get her next meal ready. Well, it seems to be helping. Either that or it's God's answer to our prayers (I'm pretty sure that's 99% of it). Anyways, I should go so I can get some milk ready for her. She's being a good little eater today so I have to keep up :) Thanks for checking in!